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Fussing presses

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Thermal fusing machines for fabrics

Taping fabrics is a common method used to strengthen and stiffen clothing elements, e.g. collars and cuffs on shirts and lapels on jackets. Professional gluing machines allow you to replace a traditional iron in this process, making the entire operation simple, fast and accurate, and the gluing effect is durable, which translates into the aesthetics of the final product.

In the world of the textile industry, monotony is a thing of the past. Prints and decorations on clothes are gaining enormous popularity, giving the clothes character and uniqueness. To achieve a lasting and aesthetic effect, you no longer have to spend many hours working with an ordinary iron. Comel tailoring fusing machines make the process of placing prints and applications on T-shirts or other clothing easy and quick.

Devices for gluing fabrics are the key to saving time. Our offer includes professional manual and pneumatic fabric fusing machines. They allow you to precisely regulate the gluing time, temperature and pressure force, adapting the device to specific needs. This is not only efficiency, but also a guarantee of lasting results.

Invest in a Comel fabric gluing machine and let your creativity flourish, while eliminating cumbersome and time-consuming activities.

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